Conway Regional Physician Hospital Organization will coordinate the vision and promote the common interests of the membership and the community in order to provide a patient-centered, provider-focused and cost-conscious network of care for the Central Arkansas area.

Member Services


The following are brief descriptions of services available to all members. Full details are available under the Member Login area.

Insurance Contracting - The PHO reviews managed care contracts on behalf of its members.  This includes filing appropriate initial credentialing paperwork for each member with each company with which we contract.

Conway Regional Health Alliance - The PHO and CRMC have created the Alliance in conjunction with CoreSource to partner with area self-insured employers.  The Alliance includes an impressive plan performance data set, biometric and health improvement services, and a medical director to review population health trends.

CAMOM - The PHO has developed an organization for member office managers and administrators called the CRPHO Associated Medical Office Managers or CAMOM for short.  The organization is designed to promote the education and networking needs of the managers while also reaching out to the community with a charitable purpose. All managers of member clinics are welcome to be a member.  To find out about upcoming CAMOM activities, please see the upcoming events page.

Foundation - The PHO has developed a foundation to benefit 1) employees of clinics experiencing a hardship, 2) charitable health based organizations, 3) local children in need, and 4) area residents pursuing advanced education.  Member participation is highly encouraged!!

Group Health Insurance - The PHO has offered a group health insurance plan to all members and their employees.  Enrollees may choose between a point-of-service and two health savings account options.  Currently the plan is through Health Advantage, and monthly rates for individual, employee plus kids, employee plus spouse, and family coverage are available. For questions, contact the PHO office. For applications and change request forms, visit the employee benefits section under the CAMOM login.

Professional Liability Insurance - The PHO offers a professional liability insurance plan for physician and their offices.  The plan is offered through The Doctors Company working with Bancorp South and the Farris Agency.  Coverage can be obtained by contacting the PHO office.

Disability Insurance - The PHO offers an individual long term disability insurance plan for physicians. The plan is offered through Standard Insurance Company using Conway Financial Services.  Coverage can be obtained by contacting the PHO office.

Group Dental Insurance - The PHO offers a dental insurance plan to all members and their employees.  Currently, the plan is through Delta Dental (now administered through Gallagher as of September 2016) and monthly rates are available for employee only, employee + 1, and family.  Coverage can be obtained by filling out an application, located under Employee Benefits under the CAMOM login, or faxing an application to Delta Dental at 501-485-3076.

Vision Insurance - The PHO offers a vision insurance plan to all members and their employees. Currently the plan is through VSP (now administered through Gallagher as of September 2016) and monthly rates are available for employee only and family. For more information on obtaining coverage, contact the PHO office.

Cellular Telephones - The PHO has negotiated a special rate for cellular phone airtime through the VHA and AT&T Mobile.  Any member who participates with the VHA (no cost to be a member) may participate in the AT&T plan and receive a substantial discount on their airtime rates.  Customers wishing to connect with this AT&T customers service should contact the PHO office for more information. You will not have to change your existing cell number(s).

Medical Waste - The PHO has contracted with Medical Waste Services to dispose of your red bags/boxes. We have a two year renewable contract with set/standard rates. If you would like to discuss these services, please contact the PHO office.

Collections - The PHO contracts with Professional Credit Management for collection services.  The rate for collections is discounted based on the number of participating PHO clinics.  Electronic review and transmission of accounts is also encouraged.  To find out more, please contact Linda Hudspeth at

Pagers - The PHO has negotiated a pager arrangement with Teletouch.  Numeric and alphanumeric pagers can be leased for low member rates (central Arkansas area).  Plans include various regions and equipment types.  Please contact the PHO office for more information.

Health & Fitness Center - The PHO has an arrangement with the Conway Regional Health & Fitness Center which allows members to access the corporate benefit plan structure with any number of employees.  To find out more about the corporate rate structure available, please contact the PHO office.

Banking Services - The PHO has an arrangement with First State Bank which offers PHO member clinics such benefits as free internet account access and free checking with special low interest rates. It also has benefits for clinic employees such as interest bearing checking with no monthly service charge (regardless of balance), free internet account access, free Debit/ATM cards, free unlimited checks, free traveler's and cashier's checks and a discount on consumer and home equity loans. To participate in this plan, contact the PHO office for more information.

Supply Chain Management - The PHO has a supply chain program for med/surge, pharmacy and office supplies designed to save physician offices money.  The program is sponsored by the VHA and now called Provista.  The CRPHO studied the effects of the med/surg portion of the program on two PHO offices and noted significant savings. To find out more details about the plan's operations please contact the PHO office.

Staffing Service - The PHO has arranged with Staffmark to service members' temporary clerical and clinical staffing needs at discounted rates.  Staffmark will assist the member with planned and unplanned absences of any duration.  Members can also allow Staffmark to assist them in their permanent employment process.  To find out how Staffmark can service your employment needs, please contact the PHO office.

HIPAA Compliance Services - Amber Bagley with Cross, Gunter, Witherspoon, and Galchus, PA has assisted PHO offices in meeting the concerns of HIPAA privacy compliance.  In doing so, they have developed the HIPAA Compliance Reference Manual and the HIPAA Policies and Procedures Plan which can be obtained from the PHO office (the first set for each clinic is free - additional copies are available for a nominal copying charge).  The manuals include documents that can be modified to meet the needs of your office.

ICD 10 Coding Webinars - Karen Scott has produced a series of webinars (along with handouts) for the use of members' coders in preparing for the transition to ICD10.  The webinars are available on the PHO website and are free to our members.

Salary Survey - Every two years the CRPHO conducts a salary survey of  physician offices.  This survey seeks information such as salary, education, experience, and benefits the clinic pays its employees.  The information is then compiled and resubmitted as averages to the participating clinics.  The survey helps physicians/managers make human resource decisions for their offices. To view or print the manual, visit HIPAA Compliance Manual located under Employee Benefits under the CAMOM login.

Human Resource Function Management - Datapath is available to assist your clinic in processing payroll. Datapath is a national firm, headquartered in Little Rock. They have the ability to handle all of your payroll processing and reporting needs. They also offer management services for 401K, cafeteria, and HSA plans.  For more information or if you would like to receive a CRPHO discounted quote for this service, please contact the PHO office.

Medical Exchange - The PHO, in conjunction with Conway Regional Medical Center, provides a physician contact service called the medical exchange.  Physicians make arrangements with the ME indicating when they are on call and how to best reach them.  The ME uses this information to assist patients and other physicians in reaching the on-call physicians as directed.

Shredding - The PHO has a discounted arrangement with Cintas to provide shredding, scrubs, laundry, bath products, and mat service.  Pricing and contact info is available on the PHO website. 

AHIN Mgmt Services - AHIN offers a number of services that assist a clinic in managing their electronic processing needs.  These include EHR, billing, clearinghouse, Dragon Speak, along with assistance in managing PQRS, Meaningful Use, and practice management.  The services are available via discount to PHO members.  Contact information is available on the PHO website.

Business Network Solutions (BNS) - BNS provides all manner of computer network management services.  Included with these services are PC/Network/Server setup and support, HIPAA audits, data backup, disaster recovery, security and monitoring.  Services include assistance with your PMS and EMR systems.  Contact info available through the PHO website.

Independent Study Services - The PHO maintains and is building a library of CDs and manuals for the improvement of office functions and office management services.  These may be reviewed on loan from the CRPHO office.  A complete list of these may be obtained by contacting the PHO office. Any suggestions for additions to the library are always welcome and will be considered as funds allow.

Management Services - The PHO may be able to arrange to provide management services to member offices.  At the member's request we will assist the member in obtaining a review the clinics practice statistics and submit a quote to provide administrative services.  Services include administration, consultation or practice start-up.  Please contact the PHO Office, for more information about these services.